Was Classical Music the Popular Music of its Time?

There was a tweet that really inspired this blog post in the first place. And it went something like this: I've heard people say, "Classical music was the pop music of its time" before and unfortunately that cannot be further from the truth. One of the main reasons folks are led to believe this is … Continue reading Was Classical Music the Popular Music of its Time?

Italian Words, Form, and Dynamics in Modern Music

The Italian words that we use in music only exist because of the classical canon and the dawn of standardized Western staff notation. The Italian counterparts of these straightforward words are only relevant in a classical or jazz setting where sheet music is the staple. Outside of that, say in a popular setting, there is no need for them. Speed up, and slow down are pretty clear and need no explanation. In fact, in popular musics, these Italian terms are just simply not used. Many times there are other words used to replace these Italian ones, but there are also terms that are exclusive to popular styles.

75+ School-Appropriate Rock Songs for Your Rock Group Ranked from Very Easy to Difficult (updated 2022)

This list includes the song name, artist name, chords, and skills learned from each song. It is mostly catered to guitar players, but unless otherwise stated, you can assume that the keyboard, bass, drums, and vocals are pretty straightforward. This means that drums will play a straight up rock groove variation, bass will play root notes more or less, and piano will play chords that basically follow the guitar, as well as easy vocal melodies. It is also important to note that the chords listed are not necessarily in order. They are simply a list of the chords in the song.

In Response to: “The Tragic Decline of Music Literacy (and Quality)”

I saw this article surface itself in music teacher circles online again recently where it should have no legs to stand on. Unfortunately, there are still 'purists' that think putting down other forms of music and ways of musicking is how their musicking and teaching methods will somehow be validated when in fact, it ends … Continue reading In Response to: “The Tragic Decline of Music Literacy (and Quality)”

How to Create the Perfect Pop Performance

This is a guest post from Elisa Jones of ProfessionalMusicEducator.com. I am very excited to share this post with you. Check out her site and see what she has to offer. If it's anything like this lesson, I bet you will like it. No parent wants to hear ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’…again. There are … Continue reading How to Create the Perfect Pop Performance