The “Continuum of Creativity”

I began thinking about the concept of a “Continuum of Creativity” after watching Adam Neely’s video “Why No Rap Covers?” In the video, Adam Neely, and Ethan Hein examine the idea of why rap covers are so rare. It comes down to an unwritten rule throughout hip-hop culture that dictates, lyrically and sonically speaking, that covering (biting) other rappers is disrespectful and should not be done. Of course “covering” is common in jazz and in rock music culture, as well as a number of other Western musical traditions. As Adam points out in the video, there is a book of songs that every jazz musician needs to know how to play. In rock music, there are tribute bands devoted to copying entire recordings note-for-note.

3 Podcast Episodes You Might Actually Need

Podcasts have become popular, and it seems today that everyone and their dog has a podcast worth listening to. I often think about starting one of my own but am in awe of the shear amount of work it is to find good guests, topics, and to keep a steady schedule of recording. Regardless, I … Continue reading 3 Podcast Episodes You Might Actually Need

Should we Learn by Ear Instead? Ear Training vs. Learning by Ear

Music teachers often understand and agree that a "good ear" is important to learning music, and helps to contribute to the overall skill of musicianship. This is why classical music programs, and many formal approaches to music education focus a portion of their time and energy on the concept of "Ear Training." However, the way … Continue reading Should we Learn by Ear Instead? Ear Training vs. Learning by Ear

How to do a Virtual Book Launch

For my first book, I did a live book release in my home town. It was fun but my books are very 'nichy' and my true market for this book was only about 60 people in my home province as it was marketed to in-service music teachers. I thought, is there a way to release my book to the world and let everyone come without having to worry about being there? That way I can extend my reach to as many people within my market as possible. Then I did some research, and at the time it seemed like a few self-published authors were attempting to do a virtual book releases. I stumbled across this video, and it gave me the inspiration I needed: