9 Ways to Use Google’s Blob Opera

So, you’ve learned about Google’s new Blob Opera. It’s fun, right? This online machine-learning app is more than just a fun time filler. It has the potential to enable creativity, and can give learners the opportunity to play with the concepts of not only composition, but also arranging, blend and vowel formation, ear training, voice types and ranges, computer programming, and even theory! Here are some ideas for including Blob Opera into your lesson plans.


This seems like the most obvious one. It gives the user the ability to record a composition. We often think that a composition has to be written out, but it just needs to be recorded in some form, and that can be an audio recording. This app defaults to an A major tonality and lets the user play with a melody within the parameters of those pitches. Learners could plan out a melody and find those pitches in Blob Opera and compose a short piece of music with them…

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blob opera lesson planning ideas
9 Ways to Use Blob Opera in your Lesson Planning

3 thoughts on “9 Ways to Use Google’s Blob Opera

  1. I used blob opera as a trackpad activity for kindergarten. It is their first exposure to click and drag. Wish I knew of more fun activities like this.


  2. If there was a way for each student in a group of 4 to each in real time take control of one Blob. The options here would allow them, a digital coir, create a song together.


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